Sunday, November 27, 2011

Vintage Marketplace Photos to Enjoy!

The fireplace all decked out for the Vintage Marketplace.
 First, I would like to share my experience at the Vintage Marketplace.  I didn't make it to the opening night, but was there on Friday.  I got there before they opened & started clicking pictures of the outside. Barb came out of the store, greeted me warmly & said that I could take as many pictures as I wanted to share on my blog.  So here is the complimation, through my eyes, of Vintage Marketplace at Barb's store, Treasures of the Heart.
Here is Barb; such a lovely lady!

Treasures from the Heart Store.

 Now for the inside...
the front room...

Here are Jill and Emily, with Barb, who brought many beautiful items to sell.

This room was next to the front room...
The pink room in the back...
This room was full of vintage~y memorabilia...
Even the bathroom had lovely items to see!
In the hall...
Here are the goodies I picked up at the show...
This is nearly 3 ft tall & 2 ft wide!!
There is a funny story about the purchase of this piece.  I had gotten there early, as I said before & saw Jill unloading some items from her van, this being one of those items.  She had placed it on the ground near the door & continued taking other things in.  I wanted it & my hubby knew it!!  LOL!  Anyway, when others started arriving, I got out of my car & picked up this little goodie & took it inside.  Jill said thank you for bringing it in & I said "Is it for sale?"  She said yes & "do ou want it?"  Uhhhhh YES!!  So she gave me a price & I had her hold it for me while I shopped.  When I checked out, two other ladies were up front & noticed I was paying for it & commented on how they had seen me picking it up...they had both wanted it too!!  Well,  it is MINE!!  LOL!  The shelves fold up & it is rather heavy, so I need to decide on a place for it & what I will put in it...I'll let you know when I do.

Now I will backtrack a little to earlier in the day...
I went to two shows on November 18th.  My dear hubby & I were headed to Eugene to the "Vintage Marketplace" and he saw a sign for "Country in the Barn" show.  Well, of course we made a detour...quite a little detour if I say, to Shedd.  It was well worth the drive through the curvy, leaf strewn country road to a barn...all decked out with Christmas lights.  I wish I'd taken a picture, but alas, I didn't.  I felt too intimidated to even bring out my camera.  So I will just share what I got at the show...

 It was a wonderful day of seeing beautiful things all in holiday array.  I hope you enjoyed your tour of the show & my pretty finds for the day. 

I want to thank all my followers, old & new.  I have been having trouble accessing some of your info to send you a private email & thanks for following my blog.  I appreciate each & every one of you.

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Barbara Jean said...

This is an awesome post. So many nice pics of the sale, and all written up sooo cute!!
(you just had to tell all the world how I aced out the door and had to be i pictures!!) =)

Such a tremendously fun 3 days!
Look forward to seeing you some time soon.

hugs and blessings
barbara jean

PS If you are interested in that sweet revolving book, let me know.
(I have another one too.)

Angie @ Knick of Time said...

Wow - I'm craving a fun trip like that! Everything looks so wonderful, but I really love the photo with the sled and lamppost!

Come visit Knick of Time to enter my Canvas Photo Print Giveaway - they are beautiful!

Angie @ Knick of Time Interiors

She Uses Her Words said...

Thanks for sharing about Vintage Marketplace! How fun!
I'm a friend of Barb's and wish I could have come. Isn't she just a wonderful person?
Thanks again and Merry Christmas to you!
xo, Karen

Unknown said...

Sweet post! Dont you just drool when you see so many goodies in one place? Just makes me want to grab a truck and tow those to my house :P


Toyin O. said...

Everything looks so lovely:)

Michelle said...

I want it all. LOL the shop is lovely . Thanks for letting us walk thru it with you.