Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DIY Craft Blotter~ Tutorial to show you how!

I was working on some trees the other day & then cleaning up some.  Ugh!!  There was specks of glue all over my counter, of course with lots of glitter mixed in.  It took quite a while to get it all loosened up & clean again.  Before I did another thing, I decided to make a blotter, like you use on desk tops, but geared towards messy designing.  So, even though we are in a holiday frame of mind, I still decided to share this tutorial on how I did it.  Just in case you have the same problem...  You couldn't be as messy as me!!

Sorry I didn't take pictures during these steps... 
First you get a heavy cardboard, not the corrugated, just flat kind.  Even poster board would work, if it is thick, not flimsy.  I used some cardboard I had.  I used the size it already was because it was a good size for my counter space.  Mine is about 15" x 19", but any size will work.  Then get some pretty scrapbooking paper that is cardstock, not thin paper, and make a design with several patterns that you like.  I used a 12 x 12 paper, then added strips on the sides & filled in the corners.  Butt up the papers against each other for fit, better a little bigger than too small.  Using a heavy duty glue stick, glue down the papers.  Trim around the edge with scissors or a craft knife {on a protected surface}.  The papers I used are "Tim Holtz Idea-ology" in the 12 x 12 pack, that includes all size patterned papers. 
Here are the other items you need for this project:
Next I wanted to emphasize the edges, so I used some chalk ink that I got at Michaels for $1 each.  I used a light taupe color {no color name is on the container} and a sponge applicator and put the applicator into the ink & in a circular motion, rubbed the ink along the edges of each paper where they connected & the outer edge.  Try to fade the color out so it isn't just a line, but a softening effect.
Then with an ink pad, color of your choice, blend some ink around the outer edge of the board.  You can do this in any way you are used to.  I like to use the small pad inks and gently go around the edge, fading it so it isn't heavy.
While that is drying, I wanted to add a couple of flat designs.  I picked out my favorite clear rubber stamp and using the same black ink, I put my image on.  Quickly after stamping, add glitter, I used black, covering liberally.  Let it set for a minute or two, then stand the board on end & tap the glitter off into a waiting paper to be able to put back into the container.  I always save the excess because I use a lot of glitter!!
Hmmm, can you figure out why this is my fav stamp??  Then I used a pigma micron pen #5 to do some little squiggly lines & dots around the edge.  This is just my preference & not necessary.
Another addition I did was to put some chalking on the bird in the 12 x 12 print.  I used Decorating Chalks, the rosey & pearl colors, applying with my finger.  This is just for a little sparkle & there is no specific way to do it; just add where you want & blend in a little.  Again, not necessary!
After you have finished with the little details, then I added spray glitter, lightly spraying over the entire piece.  I know...I know... over the top!  That is just me!  This is...yep, you have it...Not Necessary!
 Now the not so fun part, but this IS necessary...
Using the clear contact paper, unroll until you cover your table surface {do not take off the protective paper yet} & lay your blotter board on it, giving about a 1 inch overlap on all sides.  Cut off two from the roll, the same size.  Then you get to add the contact paper to your blotter.  Do this very carefully to not have bubbles.  I found the best way for me was to lay the blotter down on the work surface, sideways on the right.  Then pull back about 2 inches of the paper backing off the contact plastic.  Place it down carefully, getting it lined up evenly with the 1 inch overlap on the three sides.  Press down, running your fingers over the surface firmly, trying to avoid bubbles.  Pull the paper backing off a few inches at a time, pressing the plastic down, until you get the entire piece on the blotter.  Press again over the entire surface.  Turn over & do the same with the 2nd piece of contact paper.  Go over the entire blotter again, pressing your fingernail over the edges to seal the plastic together.  If you have any bubbles, use a straight pin & gently prick the bubble & press down.  You can do this several times on a bubble & it won't show.

Next, fold the corner edges over toward the back, leaving a 1/4 inch space from the blotter.  Tape down with scotch tape.
Trim the contact paper to even out, then fold over the excess contact paper leaving about a 1/4 inch gap, all around the perimeter.  Tape every few inches with the tape to secure.  Press firmly with your fingers to get the contact paper to lay as flat as possible.
To keep the contact paper from lifting arond the edges, use another piece of contact paper cut to fit just inside the blotter edges.  Press down as instructed above.  I chose not to use any more paper on my blotter, but you could do a  design on the back too, it just wouldn't be as neat as the front.  Here's the finished edge from the front...
And have yourself a crafting blotter!!  Here's the finished project...
I am loving using this under my projects.  It is doing it's job!!  I will announce the winner to my giveaway as soon as I hear who it is!!  Ahhhh, the anticipation!!


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Unknown said...

I love this look Cindy! Would love to make one and now I know how! :) Thank you!


Anonymous said...

This is an awesome idea Cindy!! I always have glitter stuck everywhere when I use it, I'll have to make this project.
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment, I really appreciate it!
Have a beautiful weekend.

Unknown said...

That is such a great idea...and so pretty too! Thanks for teaching us how!

I am hosting a link up party every weekend on my blog. The linky is in today's post (Friday) if you're interested in adding a post or two!

Have a great day!


Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Cindy,
Wow, this is gorgeous! The look of it is completely amazing...Now, what am I supposed to do with glitter on my floor? lol Sometimes I'll look over at my little Maltese and he has it too! lol

I am so glad you put the Kindle on your desktop...Is it amazing or what? I love how I can click a button and can read a book...I had no idea 'til the other day myself...Please, if you do read the angel book, let me know what you think--I'm so excited about it because it's truly where my heart is. xo Cindy

Charmingdesigns said...

This is so awesome! Glad you like the little book. Have a wonderful Sunday

Unknown said...

Thanks for linking up! I'd like to feature this post on the linkup party this weekend. Do I have permission to use one of your photos when talking about your post? Have a great Thanksgiving!


Georgie Horn said...

Aren't you a smart cookie! I need to copy this project! Come by for some puddin n pie!

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Cindy,
Oh and it's beautiful!!! What a great tutorial, my friend!!!