Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trip to the Oregon Coast

Well, the camping trip was canceled for a trip to the coast instead because of the weather.  It actually snowed where we were going to camp!  Good decision!  We went to Newport, Oregon with a forecast of rain & wind predicted,  but  that isn't what happened.  It ended up being warm & sunny most of the time!  What a blessing!  We stayed in a hotel on the beach with a view.  When it did storm, it was nice to watch from a warm room.  
  We met our oldest son, Josh & his wife, Jamie for lunch at our favorite spot, Mo's.  If you ever get to the Oregon coast, there are several of these restaurants in the central coast area and they have great food and views.  They are not fancy, but fun local ambiance with benches instead of chairs and usually noisyThey are busy in the tourist season, but the wait is worth it.

We all enjoyed a walk on the beach and then a walk through a huge antique storeI got a driftwood with a lighthouse burned into it for our bathroom, when I redo the theme from Coca-Cola to beachy.  That will be my next project for redecorating...


Here is my driftwood  treasure
and a beaded tassel I got for $2
on clearance.

 My hubby, Tom and I enjoyed the rest of our stay with walks on the beach, good food, good conversation and good shopping.  We hit the outlet mall in Lincoln City on Saturday morning after a great breakfast in a little hole in the wall place in Newport.  Then we enjoyed walking around a favorite antique store.  I found some treasures there for a project I'm working on to sell this holiday season. 

Here is some retro glass bead garland I got at the antique store and a sneak peek at things to come...

I took some awesome pictures of our drive on the old coast highway back from Lincoln City.  We hadn't went that way in many years and it was so beautiful.  I have a passion for taking pictures of the ocean beaches and God's beauty He has given us.  I am thankful for digital cameras because I can take a whole bunch of photos and whittle them down to the best.  I hope you enjoy the pictures half as much as I had taking them.

 Depoe Bay...

 And a little friend... a chipmunk having a snack.

Along the old coast highway; a one way narrow stretch of road with beautiful scenery.

This view is from our hotel room.  Saturday night's sunset as the sun disappeared into the stormy clouds. I miss it already... so peaceful.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Organized my thread stash and hoped for more old wooden spools...

I decided to go through my sewing boxes and organize.  My friend had given me a pretty sewing box a couple of months ago and I finally filled it today.  I was hoping to find some old wooden spools with thread still on them.  I had a big plastic bucket full of thread and had to untangle the mess.  Well, when all was divided into colors, I ended up with lots of pretty colors, whites, creams, and only a few wooden spools!

Here's my wooden spools!  Not exactly what I was hoping for... 


But at least I now have organized threadI decided to put them in my plastic drawers and I think they look nice and colorful.  That is where I will have them for now anywayI love organizing!! 


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Planning for the weekend...

The weather here in Central Oregon is cloudy and a little rainy.  The forecast isn't real promising for a weekend of camping in the mountains.  I even got a fishing license this year!  I haven't fished in probably 20 years!  I have a dining room full of stuff I'm packing for the first camping trip of the year.  I neglected to tell you that this is also the first tent camping trip in many years.  We sold our trailer this winter & got a tent, cots, and accessories.  Check out Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover book to understand why we did that!!  So as the week wears on, we will see if we go camping or... hmmmm... something else!  Whatever we do, know that I will have my camera in tow and will share pictures next week.  


Sunday, May 16, 2010

I was in the Studio Audience for Thelma Wells!

I got to be part of a studio audience this last Tuesday in Eugene, Oregon, along with my friend, Melody. Thelma Wells, well known Christian author & speaker was making a DVD series for her new book coming out in November. She speaks in Women of Faith conferences and has written several inspirational books. She was so nice and thanked everyone several times for being part of the taping. It was done in the KEZI studios with the Harvest House Publishing Company. It was really awesome hearing her speak and I can't wait to see the final product of the DVD & book. She told stories from her life that were heart-breaking, heart-warming, and funny. Check out her website at for more about this special woman's ministry.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I am new to blogging. I enjoy reading blogs with crafting and decorating as their themes. I will be doing the same on mine. I will share some "finds" I discover at thrift stores & yard sales and even do my touches on some of them to sell as I go along. Have a great day and