Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October in Pictures #2...Nature's Colors

I love fall!!  I love the crisp morning air, the trees changing all the gorgeous shades of the season, and enjoying the last of the warm weather before winter's chill.  

This year I have also enjoyed: 

~my hydrangea bushes with the blossoms turning hues I had never seen before,

~a trip on the lake in my hubby's little boat, 

~decorating our new home's front porch, 

~watching the trees that are losing their leaves now & 

~knowing that next year they will blossom again in spring,

~when we will be welcoming our new grandbabies ... 

Ahhh, life is good.  You know everything doesn't have to go right, for life to be good.  I am thankful for so much, probably from going through so much & not having everything "good" all the time.  That is a story for another day...For now, here are pictures from October that I had the pleasure of experiencing first hand.  The breeze rustling the leaves, the fresh air, and the quiet I cannot duplicate for you.  You will have to use your imagination...

I hope you have enjoyed your fall as much as I have & share in the blessings of the season.  My dream has always been to go to Vermont during the autumn color show.  Maybe someday I will...



Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Cindy:
Like you, we too enjoy the autumn as a calmer season after the fullness of summer. A quieter period allowing time to pause and reflect. Your pictures are lovely, capturing as they do the very essence of these months.

Unknown said...

I'm just blogwalking and stop here. Also, you has a great blog. Dont forget to visit me back. Thankyou.

Anastasia said...

I love autumn for the orange colour that is the trees..on the groung..even the sky sometimes..

have a great weekend :)

Hopemore Studio said...

Very Beautiful Cindy. All your pictures look so peaceful.

Be glad you weren't in Vermont this year with the crazy october snowfall. Seems like Oregon was the perfect place to be.

Unknown said...

Beautiful, gorgeous pictures Cindy! Hope you have a wonderful fall weekend.

Hugs...Tracy :)

Debbi said...

Hi Cindy, thanks for your invite on Linkedin...popped over here to your blog--thought hummm, that lake looks awfully it Green Peter? or maybe Detroit Lake. Anyway, now linked to to and your blog:)

Anonymous said...

really beautiful pictures i love nature..thanks for sharing...peace be with you

Unknown said...

These pictures are so sweet, and your post bursts with memorable moments! :) So very sweet!


Unknown said...

Your snapshots are just beautiful !!!
Thank you for sharing nature's colors with the rest of us !