Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pre~Blogging Creations I Made

I was asked by Laxsupermom to join her linky party:  Before Blogging Throwback Thursdays.
Her blog is "Sugar 'n Spice in the Land of Balls 'n Sticks".  I am suppose to make a post of things I made before my life as a blogger.  I searched & found some items, that I hadn't already saved on disk, from tons of pictures, to share & then add to her linky party.  So here goes...
There were versions of this with angels, reindeer, & moose.
I made tons of all different kinds of ornaments.
This is one of my favorites!
My Mom did the sewing & I put Santa together, painted his face & added all the goodies!
I did several different jars with painted scenes with lighted trees.
I was known years ago for the little black dolls I made.  

These are just a tiny bit of the hundreds of different things I have made over the years.  Crafting is in my heart & soul.  I can't imagine not creating in some capacity.  I used to think that anyone could make what I did just as well, but I learned that isn't true.  We are all gifted with different talents from God & this is one of mine...  What is one of your special gifts?  I would love to hear about yours!

Have a Blessed Day,

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laxsupermom said...

What wonderful crafts! It's a great reminder that I need to start thinking about what I'll be making this Christmas. Thanks for sharing and for linking up to my party.

Lisalulu said...

oh these bring back memories, we have THE same style, although always changing! what's up for THIS Christmas!!! always nice to see what you are up to.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Cindy - crafting is in my heart & soul as well! :)
These are all so sweet!
Wishing you a wonderful day,