Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finished Craft table & fabric covered bulletin/cork board tutorial...

First thing I have to share is my crafting table.  The measurements are 6ft 8 inches long by 31 inches high.  The top is an old solid door our son got from someone free & it is heavy!  The cabinet underneath is from the Restore, with a ticket price of $40, but got it for $10.  My hubby built the whole cabinet & top in so it's not going anywhere!  There is a hole in the door where the doorknob was & will now be a perfect place to tuck in cords.

the cabinet with a pink countertop
the drawers ready to clean & paint

the desk ready to paint

the finished crafting table

I am thrilled with my crafting table/desk!  I can't wait to use it!

I decided to put fabric on my bulletin board.  I love the toile & had originally wanted to make curtains with it but didn't have enough, so I decided to use part of it for this.  I'm sure everyone knows how to cover a bulletin/cork board, but thought I'd tell you how I did it.

First, I painted the frame with a white satin spray paint.  I painted 3 coats with drying time of about 15 minutes between.  It was a warm day and I did this outside...safety first!  Then I measured the inside of the framed area where the cork is and added about 3/8 inch on all sides and cut the fabric that size.  (You can do this previously to painting & have the fabric ready.)  I used some spray adhesive that I had on hand and liberally sprayed the fabric and let it set up for 5 minutes.  It is important to do this in a well ventilated area because of the fumes.
Then I laid the fabric down on the cork, being careful to have each side overlapping just 3/8 inch; I eyeballed this.  After getting it in place, I pressed the fabric down, smoothing as I went along.
When that was adhered well, I then took a plastic tool with a flat edge and tucked in the edges of the fabric into the side of the frame.  There should be plenty of space to do this.  I pressed down the edge as I tucked, going around the perimeter.  You may want to double check to make sure that it is all laying flat.
 Then, you decide on what kind of hanger you want & place that on the back.  My bulletin board is being screwed into the wall for my use.  The finished bulletin board...If I decide to decorate it, I will share that later.  I need to unpack some things before I can think about that; all the goodies I'd use are still in boxes!
 My studio is coming along and I will be sharing more soon.  Enjoy the last days of June!  I have linked this post to the Home Decor & Organizing Link Party #8; the 1st link party I've participated in!  Check it out on my sidebar...



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Miss Gracie's House said...

LOVE the blue toile fabric! What a sweet touch for your craft studio...thanks for coming by my place!


Your husband did a great job on that new desk for you. Enjoyed your bulletin board tutorial, looks good. Thanks for entering my give-away.

Daniella said...

Oh my!! What a wonderful studio you will have!! All of your work just makes it more awesome!!
I am following you right back!! And if you click the link on my post, it will take you to my interview. Just leave a comment for a chance at the prizes!! They would look awesome in your new studio!!

Jennifer said...

Hey thanks for the follow lady!! I'm so jealous of your craft room and table!! Love the board, great job!
Following you back!
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