Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Look to my blog & moving continues...Spring??

It was time to change up my blog because my page had lost some of it's elements & looked really drab. I will be adding more as time permits, but it was a good start.  I worked on it until close to midnight the other night.  How time flies when you get to working on something!
  Just like today...I am STILL working in my craft room packing.  I really want to be finished & it is getting there slowly.  We will be getting a moving truck on Friday to load up with help from friends, then on Saturday morning head over the mountain pass, with my husband driving the U-Haul and me driving his Ranger truck with our daughter,  to unload all the packed boxes & unused furniture into the storage unit.  I will be staying for the week with our son and daughter~in~love, when I am not with my hubby.  It will be good to get away.  I have felt so hemmed in!  It looks like the weather is going to permit, but I will keep praying that it does.
 Due to being gone, I probably won't get to blog or check out other blogs.  My laptop died early fall last year & I really miss having it.  But can't even think about getting another one at this point.  It was used & I really used it some more, so I guess it served it's purpose!!  
 Well, I see that many other blogs are talking SPRING!  I don't think that is coming anytime soon, but the thought is nice, so I decided to put a few pics of my flowers from last year for some pretty color on this posting...enjoy! 

With spring in my heart,


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Your blog looks lovely, Cindy! Spring is a long ways off here, so the flowers are welcome! Hope all the packing goes well!

Barbara Jean said...

Hi Cindy,
Thanks for coming over to my place, and signing up to follow!!
Look forward to visits and seeing more of you blog too.


barbara jean

PS gorgeous flowers!!

Home and Heart said...

Congrats! I hope this is a "happy" move!! Daughter-in-love, TOO cute!!! We will be here when you have time. The blog and flowers are pretty!