Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Craft Bazaar Pics & Baby News!

This will be short but sweet...  Lots of pics & little talk!  I was in a craft fair here in Lebanon at the hospital.  Although, it wasn't well attended, I did manage to sell some things to make it worthwhile.  Anyway, I wanted to share pictures of my table with you.  It was 8 ft long x 1 1/2 ft wide; yep, very narrow.  I practiced at home setting up with my thrift store finds as display items on table cloths I had.  My hubby painted the two shelves, which were the old 1940's dark brown stain that I had purchased at the thrift store for $4 each.  I had the shutters & cup holder from prior shows.  I used chalkboards for some of the pricing, instead of tagging every little thing, which worked wonderfully.  I made the earring holders to slip on the upside down shutters.  The white tree is an estate sale find from a few years ago... $5!  The table cloths from our daughter's wedding & the sparkly cover from a piece I got on sale a few years ago.

I got many compliments on my display & I really enjoyed setting it up.  

On other news, our little grandson was born 5 1/2 weeks early on November 19th.  Nolan is doing well & I am a very proud grandma!  He got to come home 2 days before Thanksgiving.   I spend every chance I get with him.  It is especially wonderful that they live 3/10's of a mile from us!  He is now a little over 6 lbs & nearly 19 inches long.  Here he is, all bundled up & cozy...

So that is what I have been doing in the last few weeks!  Pretty exciting, huh??  Hope you are enjoying the holiday season & holding your family close.

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Michelle said...

He is so cute Congrats on the new grand baby.

Kristin_Texas said...

I love the little Christmas cloches! Those are really, really cute.

And there's nothing like having a baby in the family. NOTHING! I miss when my niece and nephew were little like you would not believe. Those were such super special, priceless times.

Hopemore Studio said...

Cindy, Congrats on the show and the newest family addition!

I have my trees in the "village", a set acquired from my grandmom after her passing. My daughter loved your trees so much she gave them the perfect home in the "town square"

Take care!