Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Avon...Bug Guard Plus Review~

Hi Everyone~

I joined up with Avon a few weeks ago & haven't really been trying too hard.  I wanted to get some products for myself... don't tell anyone!!  Anyway, I have been using some really great lotions, shower gels, and lately bug guard.  I can't keep it to myself any longer!  I love these products & I will let you know as I use them what are my favorites.
The view from our little boat on the lake...
Today I am sharing the "Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus Towelettes".  We went camping over last weekend at Green Peter in Oregon, just an hour away from home and had a wonderful time, including some fishing.  I caught two, which was so fun!  The campground was rustic & quiet; I'm sure that in a couple of weeks it will be crowded, so it was a great time to go for us.  The weather was warm, around 80 degrees and a little humid.  It was prime breeding for the mosquitoes!  I happen to be one of those that those little creatures love... sweet blood or something like that!!  LOL!  I had brought the "Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus Towelettes" to try.  I was so impressed, as well as my hubby.  It was as if we had an invisible shield around us by about 6 inches.  Some of our kids came on Saturday & I watched the mosquitoes hover over my daughter~in~love's head, but never get any closer.  I was amazed!  The scent is nice and light & the product isn't sticky.  The towelette covered two people for us, instead of just one.  I guess it depends on how much clothing you have on!  It lasted over 6 hours.  So that is my review.  If you are interested in this product, you can click HERE or go to my link on the top of my sidebar to order.   The item # is 045-714  @ $12.99 for the 16 package or for a pack of 8 it is $6.99 (item # 269-562).  In the Avon Campaign # 11, there are several products in the Skin~So~Soft Bug Guard line that are on sale.  Check out pages 3~11 in the main catalog.  Any questions, just email me or comment on this post.

Next time I will share a gift from a friend...  Have a great week! 


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Unknown said...

Many many years ago - we all used to use Skin so Soft for that reason alone - way before they actually called it bug guard!!!