Monday, September 5, 2011

Thanks to Cherished Treasures and a quick trip!

I went on a quick trip to Central Oregon last week for a few days.  I worked with my sister on her book, visited with her family, had dinner with our daughter, had lunch with our son and daughter~in~love, and thrift store shopped with my bff.  I had the pleasure of staying at her home also, which was a blessing in itself.  Thanks Melody!  I had a wonderful time and it went by so fast.

I got some things that I will be working on to sell, but I will share them as I do them.  I've got lots of spray painting to do!

I received my book from Terry at Cherished Treasures.  I had won her giveaway recently that included a a book from Country Living, "500 Kitchen Ideas" and a beautiful green handmade flower pin from POP 37 on Etsy.  The book has all kinds of full page color photos and wonderful ideas.  I will be changing some things in my kitchen as time goes along and I'm sure this will come in handy!  Thanks so much to Terry for having a giveaway.  Thanks to Darcy for the pretty green flower pin and to Terry for the kitchen book.  I love them both!  Terry has a wonderful blog that you need to check out if you haven't already!  The link is below...

Here's Darcy's Etsy shop:

Here is Terry's blog, Cherished Treasures:

I'm getting ready for another trip next week.  This time I'm going to Southern Oregon, linking up with my sister~in~love and heading to Sacramento, CA for a long weekend of enjoying (and caring for) her little grandson, plus a quick visit with her daughter (our niece) & her hubby.   I will get to see my folks in Grants Pass and my long time friend, Deanna, for a day of chatting & shopping, after we return from California.  I'd love to find a cool place to check out in Sacramento with handmade crafts and vintage items.  Any suggestions??  Have a wonderful week everyone!



Terry said...

Hi Cindy! Glad you received the book and the flower! Sounds like you're on the go all the time! Wishing you safe travels and lots of success in thrifting!

Barbara Jean said...

You are one traveling girl!!!!

Sounds like lots of fun!

barbara jean

Charmingdesigns said...

oh I hope it cools off for you!!! it was 103 today, suppose to start cooling off. Have a safe trip. Its been a year, but ebay reaches more people, Its going to be fun to compare ebay and etsy. We'll see
Have a safe trip!!

Katherines Corner said...

Congratulations on your giveaway win. I will hop over to her blog for a visit. Big Hugs!!
P.S wish I was in Oregon right now
The Oregon coast is one of my favorite places on earth.