Sunday, August 21, 2011

Country Girls Outdoor Flea Market and Treasures Found

The Country Girls Outdoor Flea Market was so much fun.  I ended up going with a friend and we got there about 15 minutes early.  There was already a line and it was hot.  The show itself was beautifully done in the backyard of one of the sisters' homes and it is gorgeous.  The home is two story & I would have loved to see the inside!!  The grounds were lush, green, and flower filled.  Each booth had fresh flowers (lots of hydrangeas) in containers for decoration, as well as on the tables where people could sit & enjoy some goodies they had for purchase.  My friend and I did get some of the refreshing lavender lemonade.  Although I wanted more, I ended up buying only one item, but I was pretty thrilled with it.  It is missing one tube, but I don't mind.  I'm planning on decorating them to sell individually.

Every booth was filled with vintage and/or handmade items and there was a lot of furniture that was shabby chic and paris inspired.  It was a lovely event with live music;  a guy playing guitar was quite good.  It was obvious that it is a well-liked event in the area.  I would definitely go again, but would love it to be a little cooler!  But that is my problem!!  LOL!

My purchases from the Vintage Marketplace the previous weekend are below.  The item with the bird is really cool because it opens up into a four~way stand and it about 2 feet tall.  I thought it would be a neat item to hold jewelry or ornaments for a show.  I absolutely fell in love with it!  I will also use it in my living room as an architectural piece. The black piece will probably go in our family room.

The item below is a Real Deals piece that I got 20% off the same day as the Vintage Marketplace.

My next post will have my yard sale and thrift store finds from this summer.  Have a great week!


Barbara Jean said...

Cindy, so glad you were able to make it.
My sweet fella and I drove up Friday night, but there were miles of cars and very slow traffic (try 4 MPH!).
after 20 minutes of it, I told him to just turn around and go home.
We had no clue what was going on, till we got home.

Willamette Valley Music something or other.

Also found out later there was another route we could have taken.
Oh well, next year. =/

blessings girl

barbara jean
PS Did you get on the store mailing list??

Barbara Jean said...

PS COOOOL finds!!! =)

Old Time Cindy said...

Great finds!