Sunday, December 12, 2010

Packing, Painting, Primping...Moving is hard work!

I am so busy packing that the holiday season is taking a back seat in my life.  Christmas shopping is not an option this year and my craft shows are a distant memory.  My life is getting up to boxes, tape, bubble wrap, paper, & lots of STUFF to pack.  Even though I have given several boxes (of STUFF) to St. Vincent's, I know there will be more as I go through each room.  

I divided lots of Christmas STUFF to give to our kids & re-packed up the rest.  I have a tree I got my hubby at my 1st craft show, all decorated in coke memorabilia.  He loved it & I plug it in every evening to enjoy, by myself usually.  Thankfully I have that or it wouldn't have any signs of the impending holiday.  I have to move a small desk into my dining room to use as a buffet of sorts.  I plan to put up a little vintage white tree I got at an estate sale this summer on top, with some vintage ornaments I've been collecting since then.  I just got into the vintage theme this year.  I promise to take a picture after I get it decorated.  After the holidays, I will be decorating the desk for staging.  

My hubby has already started his job & came home this weekend to the fun job of painting.  We have a cathedral ceiling in our living room, dining room, & kitchen combo.  The whole caboodle got a wonderful paint redo, with the exception of the kitchen and hall to come next weekend.  My brother in law & hubby worked all day painting & I am so thrilled to have that much progress in a single day.  

But now my dear hubby is gone until next Friday night and I am here alone mostly, except for Sophie (our dog) and our cat, Mocha.  Unfortunately Mocha had a stroke a couple of weeks ago & although she isn't suffering, it is apparent that she is going down hill.  She sleeps most of the time (not unusual) and this week has substantially dropped her food & water intake (unusual).  She still loves attention and I call her  ~little old lady~ because she is nearly 17 now.

Our kids stop in & give me a hand and I got out for a few hours of shopping with a friend to buy several items to freshen up the house for sale time... a kitchen rug, candles, donuts...hmmm, not the donuts for the house, for my stress!!  I wish I wasn't a stress eater!  

Last but not least, going to church on Sunday morning is a sanctuary in the stress of my life.  I am so thankful for that!

So I will keep on packing until I am done, paint & clean until I am done, and primp & stage until I am done...I will mark each milestone off my list.  Then ultimately our home will be ready for sale & a new family to come.

May you check things off your lists and feel the accomplishment that getting things done can bring...



GwendolynKay said...

Sounds like you are very busy. Sorry to hear about your cat. I know how much we love our pets.

My Vintage Studio said...

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New year!
Hugs, Sharon

Marcie said...

It's thursday already Cindy, hubby will be home for Christmas Eve..yea! My heart breaks for you with your fur person. I like to think our pets will pass into a loveing heaven where the angels watch over them.