Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sophie is our new addition... a dog!

This is a very busy day.  My hubby and I are going camping for our 33rd Anniversary (the 24th) and I have soooo much to do to get ready.  We are leaving tomorrow.  I did, however, want to introduce our newest family addition, Sophie.  She is a mix of poodle, Maltese, and lhasa apso; I guess that makes her a lhasa-malti-poo!  She looks more like a malti-poo tho! LOL!  Anyway, my wonderful hubby, Tom, sent me a text from work & said that someone from his work, Carrie, was sending me a pic message.  I thought maybe she was sending a pic of her new baby.  Anyway, up pops a pic of Sophie!  I text Tom asking him, "What's up?".  I then get a message from Carrie again, this time telling me that Sophie is 2 1/2 years old and needs a good home!  Now I'm really wondering...  Tom then texts me, "I thought you might like her".  Well, I have wanted a little dog for a long time, but my dear hubby didn't want another dog after our last one (a long story).  Anyway, I said I was definitely interested and asked him if he was sure.  He said he wouldn't have asked.  Carrie was giving her away!   Well to shorten the story... we met her at 6pm that day and fell in love with her immediately.  She came home with us, understanding that if she didn't work out that we were to return her to Carrie to find another home.  A couple days later, Carrie asked how it was going and Tom told her we'd had a rough nite trying to kennel train her for bedtime.  She said that she would take her back; no problem.  Tom then told her that if he tried to return her, that HE would be in the doghouse!! LOL!  I love that!  All in all, Sophie has adjusted so well that it is unbelievable.  She is really well behaved and I love cuddling with her on my lap.  She is house-trained, walks on a leash, sits, stays, and is a real affectionate dog.  We are working on the kennel training... not really going too well!!  She also likes to bark at noises and people, so working on that too... that is coming along better than the kennel training!!  She will be going camping with us and we are excited to have her along with us.  Tom has fallen in love with her as much as I have.  She is a real sweetie!  

Here she is... Sophie!
I will be out for the weekend and won't post until after we get home from camping.  I will tell you about our adventures with Sophie in a tent, in a campground, with strange people, shopping, antiquing, walking on the beach, hiking, and watching the campfire... hmmmm... I hope I don't regret this!  Until then, have a "fan-ta-bu-lous" rest of the week!


Monday, June 21, 2010

More Giveaways!!

This is a quick post!  I just had to mention the giveaway at Home and Heart for a simply heartwarming beauty of a giveaway; a beautiful charm bracelet with special meaning for the creator, Jody.  The web address is a copy & paste:
Another giveaway is available at Teacupstitches!  It is for the cutest, prettiest bottle I've ever seen!
Lynn made this victorian beauty.
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A giveaway at J. Nichelle Holiday for her 200th blog!  Isn't that a feat in itself to me a newbie!

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Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm so sick...and I got a new... well maybe I'll wait to tell you! Plus another Giveaway at JunkBonanza!

Wish I felt like doing a blog today but it will have to wait.  I got a new... should I tell you... well maybe I'll wait!

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Graduation, Softball, Family, and Flowers

The weekend was full of family, friends, food, flowers, and fun!  Josh's graduation was a moment of pure pride!  We had a great day starting with a beautiful drive over the mountains, then ten of us meeting for lunch at a local brewery, visiting as we walked around the mall, then graduation itself at 4pm.  After graduation, we took pictures outside in the bright sun; lots of squinting eyes! LOL! Then we all met up at a pizza parlor for a celebration party.  Fun times making memories!  Sunday morning, my hubby & I watched Josh, his wife, Jamie, and her sister, Tami, play softball.  I even got pictures of Josh pitching with the ball in the air!  Cool!  I got a lot of pictures of flowers over the weekend that I thought I would share with you.  Some are from our yard and others are pictures I took from other places.  

I have to say that the weekend was wonderful and I will cherish the memories forever.  There are moments in our lives that leave a lasting impression and this is one of them.  It was a blessed weekend!  You have a blessed week!

As Always,

Friday, June 11, 2010

Dreaming of Rainbows...

Tomorrow is a big day. Our eldest son, Josh, is graduating with a degree in Respiratory Therapy.  He has been in an intense program for 18 months straight and pre-reqs before that.  He really had a time last summer, during a hectic summer term in school, he became ill and ended up needing surgery.  He had to deal with lost days at school and then going to school when he really needed to be in bed.  He did all this while working most of the time.  He was a meat-cutter with Safeway since he was 17 years old, becoming an assistant meat manager a few years later.  He was ready for a change and as soon as his wife, Jamie, finished her schooling to become an Imaging Technologist (X-Ray Tech and now CT Tech), then he started school.  He ended up getting hired as an intern student by a hospital during school doing Respiratory Therapy, so he already has experience along with his clinicals.  We are so proud of him... can you tell?? lol  I know I will cry, but that is what mothers do, right? I took a picture the other evening behind our back yard... just catching a snippet of a rainbow in the clouds.  I thought it would be an appropriate picture for this blog.  Josh is fulfilling one of his dreams by graduating college.  

What are your dreams in life?

No matter who you are or what you do...DREAM.  It is an easy thing to do... close your eyes and imagine what your life could be like if you went after your dreams.  Think about the thing you have always wanted to do or be, but were too afraid or thought you couldn't possibly do it. If you don't try, you won't succeed.  We can just let our lives drift by in a rush of days, months, years, and wonder where did the time go?  It will be another year past and nothing has changed.  Whether we decide to do something different is up to us.  The time will flow on by with or without that decision.  Will we just settle for our lives or live life to the fullest? We can do it!!  You can do it!!  What makes us any different from others that do great things?  It is in the heart and believing in yourself (ourselves).  Just remember that with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.  He sent a rainbow as a promise to us:

God promised that the earth and everything living on it would never again be destroyed by a flood.  I think that promise holds the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.  He is always with us and he will be with us through the storm, like he was with Josh when he was ill.  Will you let Him help you with your DREAMS?

May you have a blessed weekend full of possibilities!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Beautiful Necklace is up for giveaway at HOPEMORE

Angie at Hopemore has a beautiful necklace/pendant she has made. You have to check it out and sign up. But have to tell you, I wanna win! LOL Copy & paste to your address bar.



Another great giveaway!

This giveaway is for a beautiful hand-knitted bird nest.  I am always amazed at the creativity of people like Vicki. Here's her blog address. Copy and paste in the address bar:
Good luck!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

There is a new giveaway to enter at Urban Farmgirl!

I just visited the Urban Farmgirl blog and she is having a $50 Pottery Barn gift card giveaway!  Check her blog out at:
The above won't link. If you copy and paste in your address bar, it should get you there. Her blog is one you have to check out and then enter for a chance to win.

Some of my creations...I NEED feedback!!!!

I feel the need to share a few items I've made in the past few months.  I have a craft show that I am preparing for in November.  I have several things started and frankly, some I've felt like throwing away.  I am not satisfied totally with anything it seems right now.  I am in a funk, I guess.  I have so many ideas floating in my head and when I try to bring them to the light of day, they lack what I want them to be.  I just wanted to get all my stuff done this summer and not stress later.  Our son, Nathaniel, is getting married on October 16th to his love, Jessica.  I just want to concentrate on that in the fall.  Anyway, I thought I would post a few pictures of things I've made in the next week or so and hopefully get some feedback.  I really would appreciate it.  How about it crafters/people who appreciate crafts????  Will you give me some help???? 

Here's some frames I did with bird nests...handmade nests and eggs...no plastic eggs here!! LOL 
Here's some spoons I did with bird nests.  These are silver--plated spoons decorated with handmade nests, eggs, and hand-stamped tags with silver hangers tied with ribbon.

So you like my tablecloth?  It was one of our wedding gifts 33 years ago, from a great-uncle who made it for us.  It has gotten worn, but I still love it!  The silver basket was a Goodwill find.  I love finding treasures that I can create something "one of a kind" and sell or sometimes, add to my home to enjoy.

Well, that is what I have for today.  If you like what you see, would you consider becoming my friend on my blog?  I really want to have a blog that people can enjoy reading and maybe get inspired, like I have myself by so many of you.  Thank you for sharing your lives and creativity with me.  I am so inspired!