Monday, January 9, 2012

Pretty Pink Presents!

I am still recovering from the shock of winning such lovely giveaways in December.  The final and biggest giveaway I won was the Pink Present Giveaway sponsored by the Shabby Cottage Shops.  If you haven't heard of it, well you have been missing out!  It is a huge giveaway consisting of the Shabby Cottage Shops all getting together with gifts for one BIG WINNER!  This years gifts total about $350 worth of merchandise, many hand~crafted.  I will receive 30 packages before it is all over!  I'm sure my postman loves me!!  I will show you my gifts in several posts, this being the first.  I am trying out Picasa 3 for the 1st time, so we'll see if my photos improve.  I will add a link to each shop.

First is a gift pack of wonderful pedicure products, all which smell delish!  They are so fragrant and the cream is silky smooth.  I will be using the kit soon & enjoy each product, I'm sure!  This is from    Little Luxuries of Virginia.  You can visit their beautiful online shop HERE.
Next is Cottonfieldfarm.  Regina has been so sweet.  She emailed me right away about winning and asked for my choices  of her digital images; 5 sets in total.  Well, first I hadn't gotten the numbers right on one, so she gave me both of them for 6 sets, then she didn't get right back to me {meaing a couple of days!} and added an extra one for a total of 7 digital image sets!!  You have to check out her Etsy shop and see for yourself.  I will make something & share it at a future date.  You can visit her shop HERE.  She also has a blog HERE.  I don't have a pic of the images for you, but they are great quality, with a distinct vintage theme, plus buttons, etc.

For my 3rd gift, I received a package full of goodies from Celestina Marie Designs.  Celeste had bought a bottle brush tree from me in December, so I already "knew" her.  She sent the most beautiful ornaments and an added surprise of a sparkly, pretty spoon, all hand~painted with gorgeous roses, plus a lavender sachet & bookmark, all wrapped up in pretty paper & a rose!  She is such a sweet lady & you have to visit her Etsy shop HERE and her blog also HERE.

Shabby Cottage Shops also include jewelry makers, Vint Elegance being one that uses vintage pieces to make new, one of a kind designer jewelry.  I received this charming bracelet with a vintage cameo on a white elastic band.  It is exquisite!  She has a huge selection of unique pieces that you won't see anywhere else.  Visit her delightful online store HERE.
Next is an elegant pillow cover that was given to me by The French Elements.  It is burlap with a very detailed Angel with the nativity design in black embroidered thread.  It is so pretty and I just happened to have a pillow form waiting for a perfect pillow!  Visit The French Elements blog HERE or the gorgeous online store HERE.  You won't be disappointed!!
Last for today is a dreamy sign with hand~painted roses.  Did I say I love roses??!!  This is from Rose Cottage Chic and chic she is!  Jill's online store has a large variety of hand~painted items from plaques to clocks, plus website design.  Her store is full of beautiful things and you will enjoy visiting to see the eye candy.  You can go to Rose Cottage Chic HERE.
Well, considering it took me three hours to get this post made, since blogger was extremely slow, I am lucky I got these pictures posted at all!  I will share again soon more of my wonderful gifts.  It has been an exciting experience to continue getting packages with such beautiful things.  I am humbled to have won & wish I could share each item with you, my fellow bloggers.  "Talk" to you soon!



Cindy Adkins said...

OH MY GOSH!!! WOW, you got the most beautiful treasures by such super-talented women who are such an inspiration to so many of us!!! Love, Cindy

Barbara Jean said...

Awesome girl!!!
So much fun....

sweet blessings, and have more fun as packages roll in. =)


Hopemore Studio said...

Such fantastic wins, I'd say your lucky number was up in December!

I am off to check out the vintage image shop :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,
I want to thank you for all the kind words you said. I am so happy you won. You seem like you have a big heart. Not a Better person could have won in my book! You went out of your way to write all these nice things for us. I just want to say thank you and God bless.

Barb said...

Hi Cindy,

You are one blessed lady! I know the right one won! I am so pleased that you like the pillow cover. It was waiting for a good home. Thank you for sharing your bounty with us. Also, for your feedback.

Big hugs,

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Cindy,
You received some wonderful gifts from our members of Shabby Cottage Shops. They all are so talented. I was so happy to send you a gift too. Congrats on your big win. I know you are having a lot of fun receiving your treasures. Thank you again for participating and thank you for sharing such a kind post. I am so blessed to meet you last year and looking forward to lots of visits.

Hugs, CM

Cindy Adkins said...

Congratulations on all your wonderful wins! That's great! I'm visiting from Cindy Adkins' Whimsical Musings and I see I'm your 150th follower!! Yea! I've met SO many bloggers named Cindy since I started blogging! lol I didn't realize "our" name was so popular! Best wishes and I look forward to visiting again.
Cindy @ Art,Books,Tea

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

Hi Cindy, you really did have a wonderful December! I'm one of those unlucky people when it comes to winning things. You are so generous with your gratitude for winning. I really appreciated the very nice shout out when you won the apron. Sounds like most of December was Christmas for you. Enjoy everything and I hope your good luck continues.!! -----------Shannon

Sonya Badgley said...

Oh my goodness, Cindy! You really DID win big! How exciting! Such beautiful creations from some very talented ladies! I'm so glad that you won! You deserve it, sweet friend!
Hugs to you,

cottonfieldfarm said...

Congratulations again Cindy! What lovely items! There are some very talented crafters at Shabby Cottage Shops! Thank you too, for the kind words! You are a blessing! Enjoy all the goodies!
God bless. Regina