Friday, November 26, 2010

Bottle Snowmen...Snowmen Bowl Fillers...Snow*Snow*Snow

I thought I'd share some Bottle Snowmen that I made for my craft shows.  I will be putting them in the craft show next week and if I have any left, they will go on Etsy. They have hand molded clay heads and glass bottle bodies, with glitter, snow, a tag, trinkets inside, plus the tinsel scarf with beads and wrapped on wire are charms & beads also. Each one is different. They stand about 4 inches tall.  They can hang, but I prefer them standing, perhaps with a mini bottle brush tree... hmmm, I should have thought of that when I was taking pictures!  I am enjoying photographing my items in creative ways, so let me know what you think.  I love all the comments/compliments/advice that I get from you.  You don't know how much it means to me!  Please keep them coming!!


 These are my Snowmen Bowl Fillers that I have shared before.  They are all packaged and ready to give, complete with handmade tag, plus they smell like Christmas!

Change of topic...
I am posting this because I just had to take a break from packing.  My house is a mess and I'm sure it will be until I get it totally ready for sale.  I am a little melancholy right now...It was weird to think that yesterday was our final Thanksgiving in this house; our home for nine years.  It was just my hubby and me for the day so it was really quiet.  There are a lot of changes coming and I will just go day by day facing each as they come.  I am excited about moving, there is just so much to do in the interim and seeing how long it will take for me to actually move to join my hubby...oh & all this in winter with more snow than we have seen in years!!  Of course!!  Well I have procrastinated long enough... there is a cabinet waiting to be emptied so I can put it on Craig's List.  Have a great day everyone and try not to shop til you drop.  Right now that sounds like more fun than what I'm doing!!  What am I thinking?? I wouldn't want to be in the insane crowds!  LOL!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving To You and Yours!

May the blessings of Thanksgiving surround you and your loved ones this day, whether near or far away, and bring joy that will continue throughout this holiday season.

Blessings As Always,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Well things have changed, but I'm still thankful!

My last post was about how I was going to put stuff on Etsy... well that has changed.  I decided to do another show in a small town, Madras, about 30 minutes away.  I got asked by a very wonderful crafter that I respect to be in their show.  It is "Angels in the Attic"...isn't that cute!  Anyway the show is December 2nd, 3rd, & 4th.  All I need to do is drop off my tagged items & they do all the other work.  Hmmm that sounds good after all the work I did on the last show!  ;-)  So I finished a few things I didn't get done for Snowflake Boutique and am tagging again with the new shows tags.  But that isn't all...

We are moving!  My husband has gotten a job at the town we lived in previously to living here in Redmond.  We will be moving closer to our eldest son & his wife and away from our daughter, and other son & his wife.  Of course, I would love them to move too... spoken like a true mother, I know!  But God can work on that for me, right??  Why does life have to be so hard sometimes?  We are leaving many friends here sad and going back to some very happy friends in the valley.   There will be a lot to do getting the house ready for sale... I know... the middle of winter.  But it will work out; I have faith.  That doesn't mean it will be easy.  I hate the in-between part of only seeing my husband on the weekends he can come home and this time I will be alone.  When we moved here I had kids still at home.  I am really thankful to have our little dog to protect me... I'm not sure how that would work!!  My hubby leaves December 5th to start work & has a place to stay which was is a big blessing.

So this Thanksgiving it will be my husband and I having a ham dinner  (easier than turkey) for the final time in our home of nine years.  I want to cry at the thought.  But I know that life goes on and I loved living in the valley closer to our beloved coast and many more wonderful craft stores, not to mention our son and his lovely wife.  I cried when we left them when we moved here... what irony.  I know I won't miss all the snow & ice here in Central Oregon.  I get to go back to RAIN!!  LOL!! 

Time to pack, declutter, depersonalize our home, and sell it to another family that will hopefully enjoy it as much as we have.  I do have excitement about another place to decorate!  We are selling a lot of our furniture so the possibilities are endless!!  I will keep you updated on this journey...

May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be thankful for everything... even unexpected surprises.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Snowflake Boutique is over, now I'm working on putting items on Etsy... I'll keep you posted

My craft show, Snowflake Boutique was the 5th & 6th of this month and it has taken me this long to recuperate.  It is always an exhausting, exhilarating, and exciting week of flurry from set-up to take down.  I sold pretty well.  I have a fair amount of items left to put on Etsy, which I am working on listing.  I wish I had measurements of the room the show was in, but it is huge and empty when we start and the same when we leave... but in between it is transformed into a boutique with over 80 vendors and items put in categories like Christmas, garden, fall, kids, kitchen, etc.  After the lattice, tables, benches, & cloths were ready, I ended up setting  up the whole Christmas area by myself  until someone helped me towards the end of the day.  I must say my favorite Christmas area ended up being the Vintage/Shabby Chic table.  I decided to make one table in that theme when I emptied some boxes with lots of pretty goodies that fit together with my bottle brush trees.  Another vendor did lots of vintage looking snowmen made out of papermache and another did some sweet snowmen with old quilt bodies.  I had to have one of them!  I promised I would share some pictures, but I really need to be careful with other people's items, so here are some far away pics along with the fairgrounds sign with our show...I will post in a few days about my Etsy listings and get it all figured out how to add it to my blog.  I have other things in my life on the horizon that I will talk about later; but for now I send you my heartfelt thanks for reading my blog, leaving me comments, compliments, advise, and just friendship in this land of blogs!  What a joy I receive when I discover a new follower or a comment for me from someone taking their time to write.  I cherish them all and I continue to find new blogs that I also enjoy, learn from, or just take in their *eye candy*!! 


Monday, November 8, 2010

I Won the Home and Heart it is in pictures...

I won the Home and Heart giveaway "Hands of Friendship" necklace; but it was so much more...  Jody made receiving my package a gift in itself.  From the outside package wrap to unfolding each layer of gifts tucked inside and then another behind that, until I got to the actual prize itself... the necklace.  I have never taken so long to open a gift and what pleasure it brought me, especially when I must admit that I was sick with the flu and feeling rather down.  But I won't go on any more about what treasures my package had; I will show you. I took pictures every step of the way to let you see what I saw as I opened my package from Jody at Home and Heart...

The outside box was decorated with this sweet girl!

Upon opening the outside box, I found a lovely box hand decorated with lots of sparkles, a decorated envelope, and a nice package of black napkins.

Inside the envelope was a handmade card with a sweet not from Jody, behind that was some black checked file dividers wrapped with a ribbon and charms...sensing a theme??  

Inside the beautiful hand decorated box was a black crinkle tissue tied with black ribbon, a flower and a beaded hat pin.

And inside that little package was this fabulous little handmade pocket with buttons, bows, glitter, papers, tulle, and beaded trim, ready to hang all by itself!!

Here's a close up... there are even beads on the wire handle!  Sweet!!

And tucked inside the pocket was this special gift...made by Jody!  Isn't it beautiful??

Please visit Jody's beautiful blog at  You may need to copy & paste this address.

I want to thank Jody again for having such a wonderful giveaway and express how honored I am for winning. I will never forget it and will cherish my gifts.  May you find your gifts in unexpected ways this week.. through a friend's call, a child's laughter, a beautiful sunrise or sunset, or in whatever comes your way.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Won a Giveaway from Home and Heart! Craft Show set up starts tomorrow...

First of all, I WON A GIVEAWAY!  It really made my day to win and then to receive such a wonderful present in the mail while I was sick.  It was the 'Hands of Friendship' giveaway at Home and Heart.  I will be posting pics when I have a little more time.  All I can say is that I have never took so long opening a package... that's in a good way!! LOL!  I say a huge thank you to Jody!  You must check out her blog.  She is a talented lady and has a fantabulous blog. (probably will have to cut & paste this)  I will share everything I experienced opening my giveaway gift from start to finish soon.

Well, all the hard work is coming to a close as I prepare for my craft show this week.  I've been tagging & boxing while being sick.  Yep, I got the flu.  I've been sick for 4 days now and finally over the worst of it.  Set up starts tomorrow and it will be a super-duper busy time for all of us involved setting up, doing the show, and taking it all back down again.  I still have more to do, so I will go for now.  I will have pics to show you of more things I made, plus a few sneak peaks of the show.  

Hope you are having a nice November so far...and here is a couple of pictures from last years fall colors I thought I'd share...